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FLIR Si2-Pro acoustic imaging camera
2024 03 25

FLIR Si2-Pro acoustic imaging camera allows you to precisely detect, locate, and measure compressed air leaks, gas leaks, and partial discharges. Identify and quantify both minor and elusive issues from up to 200 m away - boosting operational efficiency and ensuring safety.

Save on costly repairs, reduce downtime, and enhance maintenance efficiency by identifying bearing defects before they cause equipment failure.

Ensure optimal use and maintenance of equipment in large-scale industrial settings with fleet management, Automatic AI-based severity assessment including recommended actions onboard camera, cloud data integration, and OTA software updates. Combine acoustic and thermal imaging in the same report.


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Metrel MI 3115 PV Analyser
2024 02 14

Metrel MI 3115 PV Analyzer supports all LST EN 62446-1 and LST EN 62446-2 tests. Used in testing of big 1500 V PV plants, maintenance testing, periodic testing, first inspection testing, evaluation and troubleshooting, report generation.

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FLIR G-Series Optical Gas Imaging Cameras
2023 05 03

The <b>FLIR G-Series</b> are innovative Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras used to detect gas leaks. Designed with your safety and efficiency in mind, this advanced cooled thermal camera can detect dangerous and environmentally harmful gases from safe distances. Reduce inspection time by scanning large areas without interfering with electric utility delivery or shutting down industrial operations. Featuring a rotating, color LCD touch screen, the G-Series cameras are ideal for detecting gas in complex systems including electric utility transmission facilities and industrial plants. Combined with FLIR Ignite™ software, the FLIR G-Series allows you to easily upload images and videos to the cloud where you can edit, organize, store, and share data.


Metrel MI 3281 WR
2023 03 29

The MI 3281 Winding Resistance Analyser (WR Analyser) is a portable test instrument intended for diagnosing of winding resistance of single and three phase transformers with manual or automatic tap changer test and demagnetization of tested transformer. Selectable test current in range from 10 mA to 20 A. The operation is straightforward and clear to enable the user to operate the instrument without the need for special training. For advanced users the AUTO SEQUENCES and visual tests are available.


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2022 11 10

The FLIR Cx5 is a thermal camera made to provide safer inspections in hazardous locations. The FLIR Cx5 is an affordable thermography tool for most industries with explosive atmospheres including chemical, oil and gas, and wastewater treatment facilities. The 3.5-inch touchscreen interface is simple to use, and the 160 × 120 thermal resolution gives you accurate temperature measurement of nearby targets. With the FLIR Cx5 in your toolbox, you’ll always be ready to investigate mechanical and electrical equipment around your production site.


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FLIR Si124
2022 10 10

The FLIR Si124 is an easy-to-use, stand-alone system for detecting partial discharge problems in high voltage electrical systems. This lightweight, one-handed solution is designed to help maintenance, manufacturing, and engineering professionals identify issues up to 10 times faster than with traditional methods. Built with 124 microphones, the Si124 produces a precise acoustic image that visually displays ultrasonic information, even in loud industrial environments.


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Elintos Matavimo Sistemos
2022 09 01

Elintos matavimo sistemos provides a wide variety of services and equipment for a number of industrial sectors. To learn more about what products we sell and how the solutions we offer can help you grow your business, make workspace safer and ensure the quality of your production, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel and subscribe.


FLIR FlexView
2022 07 26

With the push of a button, the FLIR FlexView lens allows you to instantly switch from a 24° wide view for scene context to 14° telephoto for an accurate temperature measurement. The FlexView allows you to inspect critical components more efficiently than ever by ​​putting 2.8x pixels on your target with the 1.7x optical radiometric zoom.

Now you don't have to carry an extra lens and risk dropping it or contaminating sensitive camera parts. Stay outside of arc flash zones while scanning critical assets at a safe distance.

Fixed Monitoring
With one lens and no hassle, you can capture both full targets at close distances​ and small targets at longer distances. The FlexView lens allows you to get more pixels on your target for high-quality data which allows you to improve decision making.


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2022 06 27

FLIR E52 - a small and lightweight thermal imaging camera is packed with the high performance features you need to quickly detect and report hidden building deficiencies: superior temperature sensitivity; bright, bold on-screen imagery; razor-sharp focus; and a rapid-response user interface.
WiFi, Bluetooth. 240 x 180 pixels detector, thermal sensitivity up to <0,05°C. LCD Touchscreen.


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