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Identifying people with elevated body temperature

Contrary to popular belief, thermal cameras by themselves are not the ultimate solution for identifying and locating people with elevated body temperature. To lower the risk of an infected person entering a facility or a building, not only do you have to use a correct thermal camera model, but an appropriate screening process must also be set up.

Thermal cameras are a versatile tool which can be used in a variety of ways, with their primary advantage being the ability to measure temperature over a distance and to visualize temperature distribution on the surface of an object. With the COVID-19 situation being what it is, it’s not uncommon to hear people asking whether or not the thermal cameras alone can identify infected people. And the short answer is – no. However, if a person, for whatever reason, has an elevated body temperature, thermal cameras will help identify them and allow you to take appropriate action. The accuracy of most thermal cameras is roughly ±1°C ... ±2°C, so it is easy for a person with a fever to slip by. Basing your whole screening process on a single thermal camera will not provide you with a desired level of security. To enhance the utility provided by thermal cameras, manufacturer “FLIR” has developed a special “Screening” function, which is primarily utilized to determine the average temperature of people passing through the field of vision of a thermal camera and identifies people who have a body temperature which is higher than the average. This function helps eliminate a number of environmental variables which impede the effectiveness of screening and significantly speeds up the process. This is especially useful when attempting to detect people with elevated body temperature in huge crowds, in places such as train stations, airports, factories and other such crowded locations or events. Please note, that the “Screening” function performs a detection and not a measurement.

COVID-19 has been declared to be a pandemic and as such has impacted the world greatly. Countries worldwide have been forced to take measures in order to stop the spread of the virus. Some of these measures, will have a tangible and long-lasting effects on the global economy.

The most common sign that a person may be infected with COVID-19 virus is an elevated body temperature. It might be very slight and the person themself may not be aware that they are spreading the virus. Not everyone is able to place themselves in isolation for a period of time required to determine whether or not they are infected, as they may be working as an essential employee. And because of that, they commute to work every day and communicate with others regularly. This is where a screening process utilizing a correct “FLIR” thermal camera becomes invaluable. Utilizing its advanced features, you can determine the average body temperature of incoming personnel and identify those with elevated temperature, allowing you to perform the necessary actions needed to prevent the spread of virus. 

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